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New Roofing

We have brochures and sample tiles and we can refer you to our past works to view and make a more informed decision on the style, profile and color of your new roofing project. Ask our friendly staff to post you out our latest Boral brochure or direct you to explore the Boral roof tile display centre located in Dingley. Our professional and courteous approach is to make it stress-free.

Nominate your tile profile and color. Provide us with your plans, we will forward to you our written quotation, listing our scope of works required to meet your roof tiling requirement.

Strip & Recover

Requires expert care and handling, years of tile deterioration can cause these tiles to become brittle and requires a skilled tiler to stripping off of your old tiles and replace with your new tiles. In some instances, additional replacement of materials is required ie. new battens may be needed to ensure the strength & integrity of the weight bearing for the new tiles to meets the Australian Standards Code AS2050 and to correct the battens re-spacing.

You have a choice of retaining the original style of the past tile or introducing a new fresh profile for today’s modern look.

Repairs & Roof Maintenance

Like most proud homeowners, the best looking home is one well maintenance and ensuring your roof tiles are continuing to provide excellent function is an area that we at Hercules Roof Tiling can assist in evaluating.

We can carry out an on-site inspection and provide our professional written appraisal, including showing you actual photos of the maintenance or repairs that may be required.

Hercules Roof Tiling prides ourselves on offering you the years of professional expertise advice, to ensure your roof can continue to maintain its longevity, keeping your roof line, water tight and insulated against a range of weather conditions. We will check for broken, cracked, sipped tiles, and shell ends. Check your gutters are not blocked by debris, check the hips for loose pointing and that can build up and cause water to become trapped and block the natural water pathway, cause a bigger issue. We can check around skylights, chimneys and ensure the valley iron is not suffering fatigue and wear, that it is in ideal working order.

Spout Cleaning Service

Hercules Roof Tiling offer a spout cleaning service.

Maintenance of your gutters is a recommended all year round, especially if you are in an area of high tree density. Avoid the dangers of having to climb a ladder, get the expertise to do the job.

We will perform an on site inspection and evaluation and provide you with a written quote to clean your spouting and removing debris build up, which assists in the prevention of blockages and longevity of your gutter spouting.


Hercules Roof Tiling can provider a de-mossing service with high-pressured water clean and application to de-moss. Options to re-seal and or re-paint to give your roof tiles a rejuvenated make over, based on their condition meeting quality and longevity of your existing tiles.

Insurance work

We also offer a comprehensive assessment for insurance claims covering areas of storm damage, roof leaks and fire damage to roof lines.

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How do I get started?

Choose of you tile style and colour. Provide us with your plans. Indicate how soon your will be commencing your project

We will provide you our written quotation, listing our scope of works required to meet your roof tiling requirement.

On acceptance of our quotation, book in a mutually agreed start date upon payment confirmation terms.

We will custom order your tile selection and quantity and booked in with you a delivery date prior to commencement.